Rich Moglia- Fitness Trainer

My Journey


My name is Rich Moglia, but most people call me "Mog."  I'm proud of my native American heritage and have spent a lifetime on an incredible path pursuing the unlikely combination of both physical fitness and the creative arts. 

My love for fitness and bodybuilding has led me to several contest titles in the sport.


I've earned both wins and placings in the IFBB nationals, NGA Bodybuilding Federation, New Jersey Cup, East Coast Bodybuilding Championship, The Atlantic States Championship and the NPC Universe Masters Division.


Beyond fitness and bodybuilding, I am a professional artist and master painter.  I earned my BA and Masters Degree in Design and Fine Arts.  My works have been displayed throughout the entertainment industry and I've been retained by many top celebrities.


My expertise in fine arts coupled with fitness has provided a unique perspective on the mind body connection and how everything is related.


And, the quest continues to further my own education and to pass that knowledge on to you.

I am currently certified as a personal trainer through NFPT (National Federation of Personal Trainers) and NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine).